Why Make Year-End Charitable Donations?

In these challenging times, nonprofit organizations have been facing increasing demands while navigating uncertainties in fundraising. The past two years have been particularly tough, with small, arts-based, and urban nonprofits bearing the brunt. However, if you’re in a stable financial position or value charitable giving, your year-end donations could make a significant difference to struggling nonprofits.

Additionally, there has been a temporary lift on the limit for deductions for those who itemize, allowing for deductions of up to 100% of adjusted gross income (AGI) for cash contributions in 2021. This presents a chance for significant tax benefits for those who choose to give generously.

Reasons to Make Year-End Charitable Donations:

There are several compelling reasons to consider making year-end charitable donations:

  1. Take Advantage of Employer Matching: Many employers offer matching programs for charitable donations, potentially doubling or even tripling your impact.
  2. Generate Tax Deductions: Donations made before December 31, 2021, can count towards your 2021 taxes, providing an opportunity for tax savings.
  3. Give to Gift: Donating in honor of someone else can be a meaningful way to give back, especially for last-minute holiday gifts.
  4. Offset IRA Taxes: For individuals over 70½, giving directly from your IRA to a qualified nonprofit can help offset taxes on required minimum distributions.

The Best Ways To Donate for Tax Purposes:

Whether you itemize deductions or not, there are strategies to maximize the tax benefits of your donations:

  1. If You Don’t Itemize: Take advantage of the CARES Act deduction by donating cash before December 31. Alternatively, consider donating appreciated stocks to avoid capital gains tax.
  2. If You Do Itemize: Donate mutual funds, cash, or other items to qualified charities before the year-end. Consider donating appreciated assets to maximize tax benefits.


As we approach the end of 2021, consider making year-end charitable donations to support causes close to your heart. Not only can you make a difference in the lives of those in need, but you can also benefit from valuable tax deductions. Whether you choose to give cash, stocks, or household items, your generosity can have a meaningful impact on nonprofits and communities.


1.How do I find out if an organization qualifies for tax-deductible donations?

You can use the IRS’s Tax Exempt Organization search tool to ensure that an organization qualifies before contributing.

2.Can I donate appreciated assets other than stocks?

Yes, you can donate assets like bonds or restricted stock to qualified charities to maximize tax benefits.

3.Are there any restrictions on the types of donations eligible for tax deductions?

Cash donations made to qualifying organizations typically qualify for tax deductions. However, donations of household items may require documentation and valuation for tax purposes

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