Tiwi (Kunle Remi Wife) Biography: Age, Husband, Children, Real Name, Family, Parents, Networth, Siblings And More

Tiwi (Kunle Remi Wife) Biography: Boluwatiwi Remi who is known to be the niece of one of the most popular richest men in Nigeria, Femi Otedola, is a Nigerian social influencer and a businesswoman. Speaking the truth, she came into the limelight after getting married to the prominent Nollywood actor, Kunle Remi.

If only you were present to witness how gorgeous their wedding was in January 2024 which ended up being the main topic on social media. Friends and families both at home and abroad were all present to witness the one-in-a-lifetime wedding ceremony.

I was filled with inner gladness that I couldn’t explain immediately after I saw their pre-wedding photoshoot on Instagram. Tiwi being an exceptional person with a unique personality attracted me like a magnetic force which resulted in me writing this biographical article about her including her state of origin, age, and more.

Tiwi Profile

Full Name Boluwatiwi Remi
Known As Tiwi
Date Of Birth 1990s
Marital Status Married
Religion Christian
Nationality Nigerian
Ethnicity Black
State Of Origin Southwest Region
Tribe Yoruba
Occupation Entrepreneur
Networth $50,000

Early Life & Education

Tiwi (Kunle Remi Wife) Biography

Even if Femi Otedola is not the daughter of Boluwatiwi Remi, they still come from the same family as her uncle. You all know how rich the Otedola’s are so it is certain that Tiwi grew up in a very convenient environment enjoying the riches of her parents.

And of course, it is hard to see someone from a rich family attending a low-class school which only means that Tiwi attended big schools throughout her educational life. We don’t know the course she studied for her higher education or even the exact institution she attended, we only know that she completed her education till the tertiary level.


Tiwi’s career mostly talks about her being an entrepreneur holding several positions in the businesses she spent so many years in setting up. For this sake, I will be talking about each of her businesses one by one telling you their functionality and also the acting CEO.

Firstly, she is the owner and founder of Tiwi’s Place. How she thought of starting up a hotel business and what inspired her is what people don’t know. You all know the function of a hotel right? In case you don’t know, it serves as a means of accommodation to mostly travelers or even those to choose to entertain themselves.

The second business Tiwi is currently handling shows that she is very good at the game. I guess Tiwi studied a course related to business at University because all the current businesses she has set up prove that she understands marketing strategy except she has the talent.

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She owns Tiwi’s Kitchen and from the name alone, you should understand that it focuses on delivering food for special occasions but note that it is not a restaurant. Tiwi seems to be a lover of anything that has to do with fashion and I guess this made her founded Tiwi’s Closet, a unique company that deals with clothing.

Personal Life

The only details we have concerning Tiwi’s personal life are her family and her wedding ceremony. Let me start with the aspect of her wedding ceremony, both the traditional and church wedding.

One of the things I admire about their wedding is the cooperation among the people around them, and the happiness that was shown on their faces. A lot of rich men were present to witness their big day including Femi Otedola and more to mention which ended up being a red-letter day.

They began their relationship in 2023 but never told the public about it for reasons known by only Kunle and Tiwi. However, Nigerians were all shocked after he shared a pre-wedding photoshoot in January 2024 and ended up getting married that same month.

The support from friends, families, and online in-laws was felt greatly as they all congratulated the new couple sending gifts also. Get to know everything about her family. the table below.

Father Mr Otedola
Mother Mrs Otedola
Siblings Tobi Otedola (brother)
Husband Kunle Remi
Uncle Femi Otedola


Who is Kunle Remi’s Wife?

Tiwi Remi.

What is Tiwi’s real name?

Boluwatiwi Otedola.

Is Tiwi related to Femi Otedola?

Yes, Femi Otedola is the uncle to Tiwi.

Who is Tiwi’s husband?

Kunle Remi.

Where is Tiwi Remi from?

She hails from the South West region.

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