Sonia Uche Biography: Age, Husband, Children, Parents, Awards, Family, Siblings, Boyfriend, Movies And More

Sonia Uche Biography: Sonia Uche is a Nollywood actress and a social media personality, she is proudly a Nigerian with an exceptional beauty. Sonia Uche the Nollywood actress started growing love for acting since when she was little and I think coming from a home where almost everyone is an actor was what made her thought of venturing into the movie industry.

If I start talking about her beauty, I don’t think this article will end anytime soon but let me just give you a glimpse of now Sonia Uche looks like. She has a very good body figure, a fair skin, black eyes and a slightly rounded face making every men wanting to date her once they set their eyes on her.

Her beauty also assisted in her fame aside from the fact that she is a very good Nollywood actress. She began acting more than 10 years ago and has gathered so much experience in which I would be happy to tell you in this article below Including every details about her biography. Are you ready to know more about her? Start by taking a look at a summary of her profile in the table below.

Sonia Uche Biography Profile

Full Name Ihuoma Sonia Uche
Born May 25, 1995
Age 28-Years-Old (as of 2023)
Place Of Birth Delta State, Nigeria
State Of Origin Delta State
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Actress, Social Influencer
Networth $300,000

Early Life

Sonia Uche’s state of origin has been one topic of discussion that has been trending on social media. Though legit sources confirmed that she hails from Delta State but people are saying she is not from Delta State.

According to a user on Instagram, @somto_michael “How is that possible? Shouldn’t she be from the eastern region of Nigeria looking at her name “Uche” which is purely an Igbo name?”. The only information about her early life that remains solid is that she grew up in Delta State but hailing from there is weird looking at her name alone. You can tell us your thought about this in the comment section after reading this article.

Sonia Uche Biography Education

Sonia Uche spent her formative years growing up in Asaba, Delta State and it’s certain that she started her elementary education there but we aren’t sure if she completed it in Delta State. She then relocated to Abuja where she studied her tertiary education at the University Of Abuja and graduated with good grades in 2018 while the exact course she studied remains undisclosed.


Despite the fact that she came from a family filled with great actors, making it into the limelight still wasn’t easy for her. Not that her mother or siblings weren’t supportive but she still had to fight her way to the top. How did she do it? How did she ended up becoming famous?

Sonia Uche discovered she had passion for acting from when she was a kid so she began practicing and at the same time was following her mother’s footsteps. She tried different auditions until she was eventually featured in a movie titled “My Boss’ Daughter.”

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Playing a major character was quite stressful for Sonia Uche since she was still an upcoming actress but being a person with passion, she gathered courage and ended up playing her role very well which opened way for her since the movie went viral receiving many accolades.

Her mother was so proud when she saw her daughter getting successful in the Nollywood movie industry. One of the actors that inspired Sonia was Genevieve Nnaj which was one of her best actor and also role model. She has met and acted movies with established actors in the likes of;

  • Olu Jacobs
  • Patience Ozokwor
  • Pete Edochie
  • Mercy Johnson
  • Ken Erics
  • Yemi Blaq
  • Julie Ibrahim

And more to mention.


  • Storms in Marriage
  • Pride of the Land
  • Not Just a Ring
  • Marriage Pressure
  • Test of Love
  • The Hurt You Give
  • Pain of Love
  • Show Me Love
  • Akachi
  • What Is Mine
  • My Pains
  • The Chosen One
  • Betrayed
  • Obsession
  • War Front
  • Vanity
  • Naked Lies
  • The Game
  • The Beast in him
  • That Woman of Faith
  • Line of Heart
  • Caught in the Middle
  • Two Peas


Award Category Year
AMVCA Best Costume Designer 2016
Actor Guild Award Best Producer Of The Year


Father Mr Nnebe
Mother Uche Nancy
Siblings Chinenye Nnebe, Ijeoma Nnebe, Jesinta Nnebe


When was Sonia Uche born?

She was born on the 25th of May, 1995.

How many siblings does Sonia Uche have?

She have 3 siblings in which she is the eldest.

Is Sonia Uche married?

No, she is still single.

Where is Sonia Uche from?

She reportedly hails from Asaba, Delta State.

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