Ray Adeka Biography: Age, Tribe, Parents, Networth, Siblings, Movies, Girlfriend, Children, Wife And More

Ray Adeka Biography: Ray Adeka, a talented actor with much experience in the game has applied several strategies which are currently working for him. Presently, he is known by almost everyone in the Nollywood and entertainment industry as a whole for his exceptional way of acting.

Though Ray Adeka hasn’t shared much information concerning himself we were able to dig out some things about him you would find interesting. Are you ready to find out? Let’s move.

Ray Adeka Biography and Ray Adeka Profile

Real Name Ray Adeka
Date Of Birth 1990s
Age 20s
Stage Name Jeje
Place Of Birth Nigeria
State Of Origin Benue State (Not Confirmed)
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Actor
Networth $50,000

Early Life And Education

Rumors have it that he grew up in Nigeria, while some argued he was brought up in Kaduna, some said he was born in Lagos State but this information is just a rumor and hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Most definitely, Ray Adeka would have completed his education to the University level and graduated. I mean, how else would he be good at writing if he didn’t have a good educational background?

In all, we don’t know what institution he attended exactly so disregard any rumor concerning his education because he hasn’t made any statement concerning this yet.

Ray Adeka Biography and Career

Ray Adeka Biography
Ray Adeka Biography

Looking at his career as an actor and studying it carefully, I’ve come to realize that he enjoys acting in a series of movies. Working as a filmmaker, voice-over artist and writer hasn’t been easy for Ray Adeka as it requires maximum creativity to bring out something good.

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He has acted in several African magic series the likes of “Wura”, and “Venge” in which he performed excellently well gaining him fame. He has acted alongside big Nollywood actors in the likes of;

  • Iremide Adeoye
  • Scarlet Gomez
  • Yomi Fash-Lanso
  • Martha Ehinome
  • Ropo Ewenla
  • Ego Ogbaro
  • Lanre Adediwura
  • Adeola Awodein
  • Tersy Akpata
  • Olumuyiwa Donald
  • Rhoda Albert
  • Casey Edema


Below is a list of movies Ray Adeka has been spotted in;

  • Love and Life
  • Everything But a Ring
  • Unplanned
  • The Wrong Side of Goodbye
  • Farin Jini (White Blood)
  • Wura
  • A Thousand Ways To Break A Cheating Man
  • Olive
  • Let Karma
  • If I Am President

Ray Adeka Biography Personal Life

Presently, Ray Adeka hasn’t shared any information concerning his Siblings, Children, Wife, and even his girlfriend.


Who is Ray Adeka?

He is an actor, writer, and voice-over artist.

How old is Ray Adeka?

He is allegedly in his 20s as of 2024, born in the 1990s.

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