Ramitheicon Biography: Age, Wiki, Wife, Girlfriend, Real Name, Children, Networth, Parents, Religion, Height And More

Ramitheicon Biography: Have you ever wondered who Ramitheicon is? Or have you ever thought about how he came into the limelight? Well, most people don’t even know about him while some have an idea but are just here to get more information about him.

Whatever your motive is, you are just at the right place because, in the article, you will get to know all about this trending American content creator. I like the name “Ramitheicon” which he gave himself because it sounds dope and also fits the kind of content he uploads. What kind of content content am I talking about? You will find more about that in this article below, let’s start by taking a look at his profile.

Ramitheicon Profile

Real Name Rami Almordaah
Known As Almordaah
Gender Male
Date Of Birth July 30th, 2002
Age 21-Years-Old (as of 2023)
Nationality American
Marital Status Unknown
Networth $74.6k

Early Life

According to legit sources, he spent most of his years growing up in Los Angeles, California, United States where he was born. We only have records of his 2 brothers (an older and a younger brother) who were brought up together, while we currently don’t if he has other siblings as he hasn’t made any statement concerning this.


His love for sneakers and fashion was actually what brought Ramitheicon into the limelight. Most people love sneakers but Ramitheicon’s passion seems to be entirely different, this zeal made him think of starting a channel on YouTube.

He started a channel with the name Ramitheicon which got a lot of subscribers in a twinkle of an eye, the growth was massive and encouraging just because of his unique idea of creating a video on everything about sneakers.

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Ramitheicon saw he was performing well on YouTube and decided to try out TikTok which ended up yielding the same massive results with over 2.1 Million followers now. Ramitheicon is now someone who other upcoming content creators are looking after, wishing to be like him.


Ramitheicon Biography
Ramitheicon Biography

This young social media personality and content creator is making up to $1k just by creating videos of sneakers on both YouTube and TikTok. He is just a young guy but is already making a lot of money, we can comfortably call him a rich man based on his current net worth. As of the time when this article was published, he has an estimated net worth of about $74.6K according to legit sources.

Personal Life

It will look weird if you know about Ramitheicon without having an idea of his private life. Though there isn’t much information concerning his personal life the good news is that I know little things about his family.

He has a very supportive younger brother brother, Aly Zein who is currently following his footsteps as a YouTuber and Tiktoker.


Who is Ramitheicon’s younger brother?

His younger brother is Aly Zein.

Where does Ramitheicon work?

He buys his sneakers from Coolkicks and works with them too.

When was Ramitheicon born?

He was born on the 30th of July, 2002.

Who is Ramitheicon?

He is a content creator who creates videos on fashion and sneakers.

Who is Ramitheicon’s girlfriend?

There is currently no information concerning his girlfriend.

What is Ramitheicon Real Name?

Rami Almordaah.

How tall is Ramitheicon?

He has a height of 172 cm.

Is Ramitheicon a Muslim?

He hasn’t said anything concerning his religion but his audience is calling him a Muslim based on his physical appearance.

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