Ola Of Lagos Biography: Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Parents, Networth, Siblings, Cars And More

Ola Of Lagos Biography: Ola Of Lagos is a car reviewer that has been trending everywhere even both on social media. Some told me he was a multi-millionaire with a fleet of cars, only for me to find out that he rose from grass to grace.

When I began doing my research, I started by getting to know the meaning of his name “Ola” and to my greatest surprise it was a Yoruba word meaning “Wealth”. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean his name made him rich. Ola suffered to get to this level and luckily, Grace found him. Why not get to know more about him below? I feel very excited to tell you everything about him.

Ola Of Lagos Profile

Full Name Waris Olayinka Akinwande
Stage Name Ola Of Lagos
Born 19 June 1997
Age 26-Years-Old (as of 2023)
Place Of Birth Ogun State
State Of Origin Ogun State
Nationality Nigerian
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Akinwande
Marital Status Dating
Girlfriend Omobolanle
Profession Car Reviewer
Networth $600,000

Early Life And Education

Growing up in Ogun State, Nigeria, Ola was surrounded by poverty and limited opportunities. Despite these challenges, Ola was persistent to get an education and make something of himself.

Ola’s hard work and dedication paid off, and he eventually became a highly successful car reviewer. Today, he’s using his wealth to give back to his community and help others achieve their dreams. Ola Of Lagos is living proof that with perseverance, anything is possible


Before I start discussing his career, you should know that this car reviewer got to this level because of his humility. According to someone on Instagram, she said: “If not for the fact that Ola Of Lagos is humble, he wouldn’t have gotten this far. I thought he would change after getting so much money but to my greatest surprise he is still the same Ola I knew”.

Ola Of Lagos Biography
Ola Of Lagos Biography

Ola Of Lagos had nothing with him, he thought of what to do then came up with the idea of working as a cleaner in Lekki, Lagos State not knowing that was the starting point of his greatness. He worked for months as a cleaner moving from house to house but the pay wasn’t motivating.

As a young hustler, he said to himself that he couldn’t continue this way because he didn’t want to remain poor forever. Many ideas were running on his mind but he settled for the best which was about reviewing different cars. Since most of the people he worked for had a car, he made good use of that opportunity and started with their cars since he didn’t have money to purchase his own.

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One thing about the entertainment industry in Nigeria, once you come up with something unique the tendency you gain fame is very high. After doing a good review of a car, he caught the attention of one of the biggest social media bloggers, Tunde Ednut.

Tunde Ednut shared Ola’s content which attracted Davido, the famous afrobeat artist Davido helped him with a trip to Dubai and a few other things. Ola of Lagos was overjoyed because he knew it wasn’t an easy journey but he still made it. I can’t even forget how his social media account grew rapidly and now has over 1.2 Million followers.


Does it sound right if a car reviewer himself doesn’t have a car? Kindly tell us in the comment section. Nevertheless, Ola of Lagos is not just a car reviewer but also a car owner, below is a list of some of his cars.


Immediately after he became famous, numerous brands started calling him for partnerships, adverts, and more to mention. However, as a boy who is hustling, he said yes to almost all partnership requests, below is a list of some companies he has a partnership deal with.

  • Mecho Autotech Ltd
  • Goldenxchange.ltd(R.c 1698834)
  • HomeWin by SUJIMOTO
  • Giftback Africa
  • Pramajed Security LTD
  • Mecho Autotech Ltd


Waris Olayinka Akinwande is not the kind of person who loves flaunting his family on social media. Check out the details concerning his family below.

Father Mr. Akinwande
Mother Mrs. Akinwande
Siblings Unavailable
Girlfriend Omobolanle


How many cars does Ola of Lagos have?

I can’t say, I am only sure of 3 cars that he posted on his social media handles.

Where did Ola of Lagos come from?

He hails from Ogun State, Nigeria.

Who is Ola of Lagos’s girlfriend?


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