Kunle Remi Biography: Age, Wife, Children, Family, Parents, Siblings, Awards, Movies, Networth, Tribe And More

Kunle Remi Biography: Kunle is a Nigerian Nollywood actor and a social media influencer who has always been unique since I knew about him. I have known him for like seven years and I must say, any movie he is featured always ends up being interesting.

When he got famous, he maintained it by staying active on social media just to make people feel his presence unlike other celebrities that their fame died just few months after making it into the limelight.

This biographical article is really packed with enough stories and facts about Kunle Remi. I had to take my time, spending days just to make sure I give you the best article on Kunle Remi’s biography.

One of the things I will be telling you about Kunle Remi is his wedding ceremony which sparked so many positive and negative reactions on social media. In fact, while some were condemning him, other were also supporting.

I am sure you will be very much interested in the aspect of his wedding because most people didn’t get to watch it. But don’t worry, I will explain how everything went in the best way I can not excluding his age, networth and more. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

Kunle Remi Profile

Full Name Oyekunle Opeyemi Oluwaremi
Known As Kunle Remi
Date Of Birth 18th Of October, 1988
Age 35-Years-Old (as of 2023)
Place Of Birth Benue State
State Of Origin Ekiti State
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Christian
Tribe Yoruba
Marital Status Married
Occupation Actor
Networth $750,000

Early Life & Education

One surprising thing about Kunle Remi is that, he was born in Benue State and it’s certain that he didn’t stay long there, because he completed his education in Oyo, Ibadan. How he was linked to Benue State is what people don’t understand, all we know is that he was born there in Gboko.

Growing up in Ibadan was quite interesting for Kunle Remi or would I say very much interesting? I guess that is better because he really enjoyed his stay there even if he didn’t hail from Ibadan.

He linked up with different people and understood the Yoruba tribe more better, maybe this was the same thing that made him fall in love with acting in some Yoruba films.

He started developing the love for acting while he was still in school and this affected his education slightly in the sense that he had to drop out just to focus on acting.

Does that mean Kunle Remi never graduated from the university? Well, we can’t really tell if he ended graduating, all we know is that he dropped out. Get to know about his educational life from the table below.

Course University
Fisheries and Wild Life Management University of Ibadan (UI)
Tourism and Hospitality Management Sheffield University in the United Kingdom

For his acting career.

Acting New York Film Academy 2014
Filmmaking and directing New York Film Academy 2015


Kunle Remi’s acting career was somehow smooth for him, he came into the limelight with ease because he understood what he was doing and also knew people too. He took his acting career very seriously after taking first place at the 7th episode of Gulder Ultimate Search in 2010.

Even before that, Kunle Remi loved acting since when he was a kid and was fond of joining any drama group he saw just to showcase his talent. One of the places that helped him was the church where earned a position (Theatre Leader) because of his good works.

After practicing so many acting skills gaining so much experience, he channeled it into the Nollywood industry and currently, almost all Nigerians like him and also his movies. One of my best movies “Anikulapo” where Kunle Remi was featured in still stands on the list of my top 20 best Yoruba films.

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I fell in love with that movie because of the high level of entertainment it delivered and especially because Kunle Remi was starred. In fact, when the movie was released newly, I never wanted to watch it not until I heard Kunle was featured. I went straight to Netflix to stream it and guess what? He still delivered as I expected.

This is to show how talented he is in acting and film making. Surely he has acted alongside top actors which boosted his career by adding more game to him, and has been featured in oven 30 movies which I would recommend you to watch.


1 TV series

  • The Getaway (2014)
  • Lagos Cougars Reloaded (2015-2016)
  • Lincoln’s Clan (2016-2017)
  • Tinsel (2016-2017)
  • Forbidden (2018)

2 Movies

  • Sobi’s Mystic (2017)
  • The Eve (2018)
  • Aníkúlápó (2023)
  • The Kujus Again (2023)
  • Purple (2023)
  • Gold Statue (2019)
  • Falling (2015)
  • Any Other Monday (2015)
  • Purple Heart (2017)
  • Tiwa’s Baggage (2017)
  • Love Lust Abd Other Things (2023)


Award Category Year
Best of Nollywood Awards Best Supporting Actor – English (nominated) 2019
Beat of Nollywood Awards Best Kiss In A Movie (won) 2020
Yoruba Movie Gist Awards Best Cinema Actor (won) 2022
Cine Paris Fiml Festival Best Actor In A Feature Film (won) 2023
Nigeria Achievers Award Nollywood Best Lead Actor (won) 2023
AFRICON African Excellence for outstanding achievement in the field of Media & Entertainment 2023
Scream All Youth Award Best Actor In A Lead Role – Anikulapo (won) 2023
Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival Best Actor – Flaws 2023
African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) Globe Award Honoree – Anikulapo (won) 2023

Personal life

Kunle Remi and his wife Tiwi

This aspect of his private life is what most people are eager to know about and I am very much interested in telling you all about his mother, father, siblings, wife and even down to his wedding ceremony.

Speaking of his wedding ceremony, if only you were present to see how wonderful it was. First of all, big influencers were invited in the likes of Femi Otedola who didn’t disappoint by constantly spraying thousands of Naira on the bride and more to mention.

Who exactly did he got married to? He got married to Tiwi Remi, a very beautiful young lady. The ceremony alone went viral, many social influencers were criticising them saying all manners of things in which Kunle Remi turned a deaf ear to. His family details is explained in the table below.

Father Engineer Joseph Ibukun
Mother Mrs. S. Oluwaremi
Siblings 5
Wife Tiwi Remi


Where is Kunle Remi from?

He hails from Ekiti State, Nigeria.

When was Kunle Remi born?

He was born on the 18th of October, 1988.

Who is Kunle Remi wife?

Tiwi Remi.

How many siblings does Kunle Remi have?

Born into a family of eight, he has five siblings.

What is Kunle Remi full name?

Oyekunle Opeyemi Oluwaremi.

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