Kunle Afod Biography: Age, Wife, Children, Family, Parents, Real Name, Networth, State Of Origin, Movies, Siblings And More

Kunle Afod Biography: Kunle Iyiola Afod best known by his nickname Kunle Afod is a Nollywood actor, social influencer and someone who likes business making him an entrepreneur. He has always been one of my best Yoruba actors right from when I was still a kid. Though I don’t really know how to explain but I feel his way of acting is unique.

Aren’t you wondering why I mentioned the word “Yoruba”? Okay let me tell you. Though Kunle Afod acts in Nigerian movies but he mostly focus on Yoruba films since that is what he has passion for, he is presently one of the top Yollywood actors with exceptional acting skills in Nigeria.

Out of my love for him, I decided to write this article so people can get to know more about him Including you reading this now. I spent over 2 weeks conducting my research and have been able to gather much Information, you would be surprise to hear what I found out about him. Do you want to know? Of course I will tell you but start by taking a look at a summary his profile below.

Kunle Afod Profile

Real Name Kunle Iyiola Afod
Age 50-Years-Old (as of 2023)
Date Of Birth October 24th, 1973
Nationality Nigerian
State Of Origin Oyo State
Wife Desola Afod
Religion Christianity
Tribe Yoruba
Profession Actor, Director
Networth $1.2 Million

Early Life

Kunle Afod parents settled down in Lagos State where they gave birth to four children after getting married. Kunle Iyiola Afod being the eldest among his siblings was such a huge task for him because he had to act like a senior and control them when his parents are not around.

You know how Lagos State is, a developed area filled with people from different locations so one has to be careful because you can’t tell who is who. This same Lagos State was where Kunle Afod spent his formative years growing up with his parents and siblings. What are the names of his siblings? Don’t worry I will be telling you their names later on in this article, let’s talk about his education and other things first.


How he was able to cope during his primary and secondary school years is what I keep on wondering till now. Imagine changing location for both your primary and secondary school education. I’m sure it affected him greatly because he will be getting into a new environment and it would take time for him to adapt compared to someone who has been in a particular school for years.

Anyhow, Kunle being someone who was determined adapted immediately just because he had the passion. I have placed some data in the table below showing the location where he had his primary school education and the name of the secondary school he attended.

Primary Education Festac, Lagos State
Primary Education Owo, Ondo State (completed)
Secondary Education Jos (Command Day secondary school)


Kunle Afod is a very good actor to be very sincere. I would recommend you checking one of his movies so you can actually understand what I am talking about. Kunle is known in the Nollywood industry as someone who doesn’t give stress during acting, he knows how to master a full script and put it into action within just a short period of time without giving the director headache, this is to show how talented he is.

Before Kunle Afod began his journey into the movie industry in Nigeria, he never knew anything especially how the industry operate and being someone who is humble and ready to learn, he met up with Jide Ogungbade who taught him almost everything he knows now.

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However, he didn’t stop there. Being a man with wisdom, Kunle Afod knew fully well that one person can’t tell him all about the industry so he had to link up with Ben Tomoloju and Jahman Anikulapo who added more to what Jide Ogungbade had taught him earlier. After so much practice, he applied everything he had learnt so far and directed the movie titled “Ori Eiye.” which eventually brought him into the limelight.


  • Awolu Ati Awawu
  • Iya Igbo
  • Jenrayo
  • Awolu Ati Awawu
  • Ofin Kokanla
  • Pitan
  • Orindola
  • Ijewuru
  • Omoboriowo
  • Pitan
  • Ika Kefa
  • Orindola
  • Ade Ferrari
  • Wura Ati Fadaka
  • Imado
  • Nkan Agba
  • Odi Ade
  • Wura Ati Fadaka
  • Pami Nku


Remember I told you earlier that I will be telling you the names of his siblings right? I won’t only be telling you about his siblings but his family also as stated in the table below.

Mother Mrs Afod
Father Mr Afod
Siblings 3 (Olayiwola Afod, Lanre Afod, and Adenike Afod)
Children 5 (four boys and 1 girl)
Ex-Wife Queen Oluwa
Wife Desola Afod
Kunle Afod, his wife Desola Afod, and his 4 sons

However, Desola Afod was trending on social media around January 2024 because she made a statement saying she would never leave her husband even if he cheats on her. Following a facebook user comment, he said “This woman is really funny, why is her self esteem low? Does she feel worthless or something that her husband would chest and she would comfortably remain ”.


Award Category
EKAA City Award Best soap opera in Africa
City People Movie Awards Best Movie Director Of The Year (Yoruba)
City People Entertainment Award Best Actor Of The Year
Award for excellence Afro-Heritage Broadcasting & Entertainment Awards (AHBEA) in Houston Texas, USA. 2022


When was Kunle Afod born?

He was born on the 24th of October, 1973.

Who is Kunle Afod’s wife?

Desola Afod.

How many children does Kunle Afod have?

He has 5 children, a daughter with his ex wife Queen Oluwa and 4 with his new wife Desola Afod.

Who is Kunle Afod first wife?

Queen Oluwa.

What is Kunle Afod real name?

Kunle Iyiola Afod.

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