Kellylivinglarge Biography: Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Family, Siblings, Father, Mother, Songs, Tribe, Networth And More

Kellylivinglarge Biography KElani Fawaz who is widely known by his stage name Kellylivinglarge is a Nigerian rapper and songwriter. Going through his Instagram page, you will see many photos of Kellylivinglarge with cars. This shows that he has a love of luxury cars and doesn’t mind buying all of them if he can.

His good-looking stature and exceptional way of singing are what amazes people the most. He is the kind of rapper who gets inspiration from anything around him and can write down meaningful lyrics in seconds. I have a lot to tell you about Kellylivinglarge and would like you to just relax and read through it carefully.

Kellylivinglarge Profile

Real Name Kelani Fawaz
Stage Name Kellylivinglarge
Date Of Birth 15th Of January, 1998
Age 26-Years-Old (as of 2024)
State Of Origin Lagos State
Tribe Yoruba
Nationality Nigerian
Networth $300,000

Early Life

Kellylivinglarge Biography
Kellylivinglarge Biography

The young rapper, Kellylivinglarge spent most of his years growing up in the western region of Nigeria, Lagos State being his state of origin also. Growing up in Lagos State was such a big advantage to him based on the fact that Lagos is more developed with many opportunities compared to other states.

Most established artists you see in Nigeria today reside in Lagos State so he had more chances to link up with like-minded people who ended up boosting his musical career.


After meeting up with friends who had the same vision as him, they worked together trying to make themselves perfect and unique in their way to succeed in the Nigerian entertainment industry. What do I mean by trying to make themselves perfect?

Kellylivinglarge thought of what to do just to confirm if he was getting better, he then came up with the idea of joining rap battles, not looking down on himself since he lacked recognition. He joined several rap battles and ended up taking first place in most of them.

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It was already 2020 when he decided to take his career seriously by releasing the hit song “BIG DAWG STATUS”. Kellylivinglarge felt encouraged because he never believed the song would be a global hit. He later on released other songs which gained him more popularity, check out the songs in the listed items below.


  • Big Dawg Status
  • Money In The Grave
  • PTSD
  • Beatbox
  • Take Me Away

And more to mention.


  • Heartbeat Kelly
  • It Gets Deeper
  • Help Is On The Way


Get to know about Kellylivinglarge’s family from the table below.

Mother Mrs Kelani
Father Mr Kelani


Kellylivinglarge has been able to generate massive income from his career as a rapper. He earns money from performing at different shows, his social media accounts, and more which made us estimate his net worth to be around $300,000.


Where is Kellylivinglarge from?

He hails from Lagos State, Nigeria.

What tribe is Kellylivinglarge?

He is Yoruba by tribe.

When was Kellylivinglarge born?

He was born on the 15th of January, 1998.

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