Is Rema In Illuminati? See Speculations (Exposed)

Is Rema In Illuminati? See Speculations (Exposed) – Divine Ikubor who is famously known as Rema is a professional Nigerian singer and songwriter who is known for his unique voice. He got famous in 2018, after he was signed to Jozingworld Record owned by D’Prince, this record also affiliated with Mavin Records.

But the problem here is, Rema is just 23 years and has already become a global sensation topping charts in foreign countries including the U.K and USA. If you remember when Rema started, he was just little at the age of 19 but already had numerous hit songs in which top afro Beat artists hasn’t achieved till date.

Till now, Rema is still performing wonders by taking Afrobeat to the level where it hasn’t been before. As of now, he is topping charts in numerous other countries which some people find quite alarming.

But I’m happy to tell you to worry no more because in this article we will be answering the question “Is Rema in Illimanati” by looking at various reasons why he might be in the devilish group.

Reasons Why Rema Might Be Considered A Member Of Illuminati

There is no solid evidence to support the claim that rema is in Illimanati, however, these few reasons below should be considered.

1. Sudden Rose To Fame

As said earlier, Rema started music professionally in 2018 after being signed to Jozingworld Record owned by D Prince and since then all his songs has been a hit. How is this possible? For the past 4 Years you can’t find any Rema song that wasn’t a hit. It’s known that he gains massive views on YouTube and billions of views on all streaming platforms within just few days after releasing a music.

The fact that this happened in a twinkle of an eye is what is giving people the impression that he might be in a secret cult in which illuminati is what they could think about. Let’s look at another reason that might support the claim that he is in illuminati.

2. Ravage EP

One of Rema’s famous EP titled Ravage has been one of the main reason people are under the impression that he is a member of the Illuminati. The bat signature on the EP cover has left people speculating and according to him, the signature is nothing but a unique design that remind himself of his root in Benin and is not relating to anything diabolical.

But could this be true? Could this be an ordinary art that has nothing diabolical related to it? Let’s look at another reason.

3 O2 Arena Show

The fact that Rema filled O2 Arena within the space of 3 years of experience in music is another reason that should be considered. The O2 Arena being the biggest event center in the world can contain over 20,000 people.

What exactly happened on Rema O2 Arena’s show? He came down in a horse painted in Red with a scary costume which made people afraid. While most people are trying to figure out the secret behind that act, some have already concluded that he is a member of the Illuminati.

4 Excessive Rumours

When rumours are become too prevalent, you should suspect that there is a kernel of truth behind them, I mean, it’s unlikely that everyone is lying to falsely accusing him.

Is Rema In Illuminati? See Speculations (Exposed)
Is Rema In Illuminati? See Speculations (Exposed)

Fans drag back Rema to explain his reasons of lying to them about BENIN WITCHES saying he covered up the claim that from the day he meet lil Nash and featured Selena Gomez he has not been the Rema Nigerians know.

5 Collaboration

As Illuminati is known for exchanging their soul for fame and power, they tend to make you a global sensation using different strategies. One of them is collaboration with top foreign artiste.

Within the space of 12 months, Rema collaborated with Selena Gomez and Ice Spice with their song topping in US and collecting different awards. Nigerians finds this fishy because other artist who started before Rema hasn’t even gotten to a quarter of where rema has gotten to now.


After all the points and photos shown above, what can you say about Rema being in the Illuminati? What’s your thought on this? Kindly share your opinion this in the comment section below.

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