Honour Oriretan Biography: Age, Networth, State Of Origin, Girlfriend, Career, Education And More

Honour Oriretan Biography: Oriretan Motilayo Honour popularly known as Honour Oriretan is a Nigerian born social commentator, actor, journalist, M.C, Promóter, and business developer. He is famously known on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) for his public opinion on things happening around and his advice given to celebrities.

He is also known for his iconic word “unwîse” which appears in all his posts on social media, that has really gained him popularity as people tend to imitate him.

Based on talents, Oriretan Honour is an actor. He has shot couple of movies, comedy skits and has involved himself in numerous stage plays, from the church down to the theatre.

Well, there is a lot you do not know about Honour Oriretan, that is why in this article we will be discussing his biography, age, networth, girlfriend, education, career, personal life, controversies and many more.


Honour Oriretan Biography2


Honour Oriretan Profile

Full Name Oriretan Motilayo Honour
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Chtistian
Age Unavailable
Date Of Birth Unavailable
Marital Status Single
Nickname Super
Siblings 9
State Of Origin Ondo State
Gender Male
Local Government Ilaje
Tribe Yoruba
Profession Social commentator, Actor, M.C, Journalist, Business Developer
Networth Unavailable

Early Life

Honour Oriretan was born and brought up in Warri, Delta State. He is from an average family of 10 (4 boys and 6 girls) in which he takes the 10th position as last born of the family, having 9 siblings.


While the names of his parents remain undisclosed, it is known that his father died on 1st of July 2013. His father was a fisherman while his mother is a trader.

According to him, his father did not just train him well with good morals, he was also a man to learn something from. He loved the fact his father was disciplined and never accepted polygamous marriages unlike Yul Edochie despite the pressure from his friends with more than 1 wife.


He attended God Hope Nursery and Primary school and Word Of Faith Group Of School for his primary and secondary school education respectively in Warri, Delta State.

He is a graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in Anambra State where he studied Mass Communication. He did his NYSC in Ogun State and is currently working.


Honour Oriretan Biography2
Honour Oriretan Biography2


Personal life

He was born and brought up in Delta State where he studied both his primary and secondary school education. According to him, in a private chat with the C.E.O of Phogam Media, he said “People mostly see me as a social person based on the fact that I am an M.C, entertainer and an actor. There is this other part of me. Sometimes I stay indoors all day when I have nothing to do. I somehow have this double personality . Sometimes I can be extremely extrovert while othertimes I will be extremely introvert or reserved.

Sometimes when I go out with people, they will be expecting this social/extrovert characters from me and that might be the time I will prefer being alone. These things work with mood and the environment. So sometimes when people are expecting the extrovert me, that is when my introverted nature comes out”


As said earlier, he is an actor, social commentator, M.C, journalist and business developer. Speaking on his career, Honour said ” the situation in this country has made some people abandoned and ventured into something else. I initially wanted to study drawing and painting at university because of natural drawing talent but my guardian never supported the idea.

One of the reasons she gave was how hard it would be to generate income from it. So, after some couple of advice, I decided to stop drawing & painting idea and moved on to study Mass Communication. And since then, I have never thought of picking pencil and paper to draw”.


Honour Oriretan Biography3
Honour Oriretan Biography3



Honour Orireten has had numerous controversies since the time he started giving public opinion on things happening both in Nigeria and around the globe. While others are supporting his opinion, many are also countering it and also raining insults on him. But according to him, he is not affected by it, rather he keeps on with what he loves doing.

In a private chat with the C.E.O of Phogam Media, he said “I am a kind of person that thinks differently from the way people generally see things. Sometimes when I talk I get lots of negative words from the public. I believe this country has a constitution that says freedom of speech is allowed, so I do not see anything wrong with what I am doing.

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As for celebrities, I have the right to tell them how to spend their money, and how to live their life for it not to negatively affect others, so it is now left for them to accept it or not. There is a way to spend money, either in a good or bad way. Sometimes this money ends up causing harm to them and those around.

They are public figures that many people look up to, so they cannot tell me not to advise them when they are abusing money and their life. Some people live their life carelessly and recklessly, subconsciously pressurizing and affecting others. They do not have anyone to talk to them on this. They feel since they have the money, no one can talk to them. See, money has the ability to kill its owner if it is unwisely used.

Some of them end up doing unneeded body enhancement, spending lavishly on cream that will end up hurting them and affecting their kidney and also cause cancer. Many drink expensive and dangerous wine which is bad for their health because the money is there which is unwise. All these would not be happening if they had someone to advise them. I heard lots of things about me but still maintain my stands. I will keep on advising them and will not stop. It is not criticism, I called it advice. People are wondering why I meddle into celebrities’ family, business, lifestyle, relationship matters and sometimes I feel like why won’t I? Some celebrities unwisely bring their family online, including their problems, so, being a social media person and since you have brought your family online, why would I not talk about it?

Definitely bringing it online means you need advice on the issues going on in your family, etc. So me bringing out your family, talking and commenting about that your family issue you yourself brought out is not a bad thing since you initially brought it out. Online matters are my matters. I discuss your family, relationship, business, lifestyle, etc if you bring them online. I am a public commentator so I carry public matters on my head 100% because it is my business and my duty.

Before I come out to speak about a certain issue, I must have looked at it from different angles. Since a lot of people are looking at my opinion from just one angle, they tend to counter it. Interestingly, my followers have started calling me prophet because of how I see things. I once spoke about Davido’s son, Ifeanyi that I saw his death coming simply because of the way he was unwisely flaunting Chioma, paying all attention to her leaving his other baby mamas behind. You know, ladies get jealous naturally because of this and can go extra miles if care is not taken. So when the sad news of Ifeanyi’s death broke out, same people who dragged me went back to my said post to appreciate and commend.”

Even DJ cuppy’s boyfriend, Ryan, I warned her about flaunting her relationship online, I saw her relationship break up coming and when the news broke out, people blasted me still went back to my said warning post to commend me. I also warned Mr Ibu’s daughter who got married yet still always with Mr.Ibu instead of her husband and suddenly brokeup. Not just that, I also warned Adesuwa about burning the fat she doesn’t have by going to the gym, often forgetting men love ladies with big body features. Though they were both smart enough to quickly debunk the cheating allegations about BankyW and amend their ways. I am not a prophet or called by God, but this is just me”.

Likes And Dislikes

Favourite Afrobeat Artise Davido (manageably)
Favourite Yoruba Artise Yinka Ayefele (manageably)
Favourite Nollywood Actor Odunlade Adekola (manageably)
Favourute Sport/Game Table tennis, Ludo, Whot and Javelin

He further stated that he is not a fan of football but only watches football when Ronaldo or Messi is on the pitch.

Speaking further during a chat, he said  “I love Ronaldo’s personality, both his physical public behaviour to fans, teammates & manner of ball play on the field that I have learnt a lot from. I also love his leadership character, but hate the fact that he has anger issues & not ready to work on them, which makes him more unwise.

As for Messi, I love his calm personality & the fact that he is more talented than Ronaldo(who is purely hardworking with less talent) in the football game but hate the fact that he (Messi) is not hardworking to match up with his(Messi) natural talent which makes him most unwise. Both are GOATS, but Messi is more goated than Ronaldo because of his undeserved World Cup after Ronaldo was robbed off by his country’s coach, which is sadly unwise.

As for music, I have to slightly manage Davido as my best, since there are no any other options for me in Afrobeats. I also have to manage Yinka Ayefele as my best in Yoruba music and also have to slightly manage Odunlade Adekola as my favourite comic actor in Nollywood.

If there are better options in the future  I will pick them but for now, let me slightly manage the three people mentioned above since there’s none available for me. “


Presently, Honour Oriretan networth has not been estimated yet.


How old is Honour Oriretan?

As of now, details about his age remains undisclosed.

Where is Honour Oriretan from?

Honour Oriretan hails from Ilaje area of Ondo State, Nigeria.

Is Honour Oriretan married?

No, he is not married yet but is currently single.

What are Honour Oriretan’s social media handles?

Instagram/X (Twitter)/Thread: @realhonour199 and Facebook: Honour Oriretan.

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