Evangelist Ebuka Obi Biography: Age, Netwoth, Wife, Children, Church, Phone Number, Source Of Power And More

Evangelist Ebuka Obi Biography: Evangelist Ebuka Obi is a powerful man of God who doesn’t mind going the extra mile just to spread the word of God. He is a Nigerian evangelist who is the owner and founder of Zion Prayer Movement Outreach (ZPMO).

When Evangelist Ebuka Obi started his ministry, he was performing miracles like curing all manners of sicknesses and more so he began trending on social media. Because of this, everyone wanted to know more about him while some were doubting his powers.

Nevertheless, I’ve been able to gather enough information concerning the Spirit-filled evangelist and will be sharing all I know about him in this article. Just relax while I walk you through the biography of Evangelist Ebuka Obi.

Evangelist Ebuka Obi Profile

Full Name Chukwuebuka Anozie Obi
Nationality Nigerian
Place Of Birth Imo State
Date Of Birth October 16, 1980s
Occupation Author, Prophet

Early Life

Evangelist Ebuka Obi was very humble to the call when he was little and was ready to run all the errands his parents sent him. He grew up with his parents who trained him well and also in the way of Christ. He already loved the things of God when he was little with a strong passion beyond imagination.

Born in the eastern region of Nigeria, Oru-West L.G.A, Imo State, God began manifesting himself in Ebuka Obi’s life at a young age. He used to be the talk of the town as people normally visit his house just to seek guidance which will always end up working well for then and also worth it.

This lasted for a long time to the extent that his father’s house would end up being crowded in which they would have to queue up. He relocated to Lagos State for some reasons known by only him but according to rumors, he came to hustle. Evangelist Ebuka Obi is indeed a testament to God’s favor and grace.


Evangelist Ebuka Obi Biography
Evangelist Ebuka Obi Biography

The Bible instructed all Christians to go into the world and preach the gospel. Surprisingly, Evangelist Ebuka Obi took it very seriously just because he loved doing the work of God in which he is currently making waves in Nigeria, though he was called by God according to him.

He was still not convinced so he invested his time in a cable business in Nigeria just to make ends meet but the fire was burning seriously in him. He found himself reading the bible more often and getting more eager to know God not until sometime happened.

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According to him, God spoke clearly to him in a very good morning telling him to drop his business and focus on his work. Without questioning God, he obeyed and did exactly what he was instructed to do. He never thought of what to eat or wear since the bible made it known in the New Testament that if one seeks the Kingdom of God first and his righteousness, all other things shall be added into such.

He followed God’s instruction which resulted in the founding of Zion Prayer Movement Outreach (ZPMO) in 2009. The church grew rapidly and currently has more than one thousand members excluding the overflow with more more than 100 branches.


Before we talk about his family in the table below, you should know that spirit-filled Evangelist has a twin brother. Since you’ve known that, let’s get to know more about his family below.

Mother Mrs. Vincent Obi of Ubulu-Ihejifor
Father Mr. Vincent Obi of Ubulu-Ihejifor
Twin 1 (Brother)

Personal Life

Evangelist Ebuka Obi doesn’t look like something who is ready for any romantic relationship now talks less about having a wife. According to him, he said he won’t have sex until he gets married.

However, he is fond of giving relationship advice to married couples in his church.


Reach out to Evangelist Ebuka Obi with the phone number and email below.

1 Enquire Line

  • +234 704 411 1382
  • +234 901 774 2348
  • +234 901 649 9758
  • +234 704 145 0007

2 Prayer Line

  • +234 811 043 6395
  • +234 811 043 8378
  • +234 811 043 7492
  • +234 811 043 7591

3 Send Mail


How old is Evangelist Ebuka Obi?

Ebuka Obi was born on the 16th of October in the 1980s.

How can I reach out with Evangelist Ebuka Obi?

You can get in touch with the prophet via his mobile number +234 811 043 7591 or +234 811 043 6395.

When was Zion Prayer Movement Outreach (ZPMO) founded?

It was birthed in the year 2009.

Who is the G.O/Owner of Zion Prayer Movement Outreach (ZPMO)?

Evangelist Ebuka Obi (Chukwuebuka Anozie Obi).

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