Daniel Regha Biography: Age, Tribe, Girlfriend, Wife, Children, Parents, Siblings, Networth, Family, State Of Origin And More

Daniel Regha Biography: Daniel Regha is a social media influencer who is fond of posting controversial content on X (formerly twitter). Is it okay if you call him a critic? Sure, because he is also known for criticising celebrities in different ways that can attract fight.

Sometimes, people wonder how he cope moving freely on the street after posting such content knowing fully well that he has many enemies waiting patiently to transfer their aggression on him as a result of what he posted about them.

Because of this, I did my research and found out that he actually move on the street with bodyguards for protection. One event where he was spotted with hefty men was at Yorochi where he was called to be one of the judges. Anyhow, be careful anytime you are around him because you might end up being the topic of his content tomorrow. Just kidding, don’t be scared.

My main purpose of writing this Daniel Regha Biography is to tell you all about this X (formerly twitter) influencer especially that aspect of his controversy because I am sure you would want to hear that. I can see you are eager to know about him, start by taking a look at a summary of his profile below.

Daniel Regha Biography Profile

Name Daniel Regha
Real Name Daniel Regha
Year Of Birth 1994
Age 30-Years-Old (as of 2024)
Place Of Birth Anambra State (rum)
State Of Origin Anambra State (rum)
Nationality Nigerian
Marital Status Single
Religion Christian
Profession Internet Personality
Networth $200,000

Early Life & Education

Daniel Regha was reportedly born in Anambra State being his state of origin but this information hasn’t been confirmed by Phogam Media yet. Rumours has it that he is also Igbo by tribe but most people are doubting this looking at his name “Regha” which sounds weird.

About his education, it’s certain that Daniel Regha has completed his education till the tertiary level. How do I mean by that? Regha had an interview with Faith Ajayi and he gave reasonable response like a literate. Also, his post on X shows that he has finished his education but the exact institution he attended remains undisclosed.


Before Daniel Regha joined X(formerly known as twitter), he studied all the social media networks and how they work until he landed in Twitter in 2020. Being someone who has interest in news and controversial topics, he joined facebook in 2018 but ended up losing interest there because of the way news headlines were misinterpreted.

He thought of other social media networks to join so he can share his thoughts on things happening around before he found out about Twitter (now known as X). Daniel Regha never wanted to be famous or targeted fame, he only shares genuine thoughts which people considered controversial.

Daniel Regha has said something about almost every celebrity in Nigeria condemning their lifestyle. While some will take it as a normal thing, other will reply him with insult filled with threats. He has served at the brand ambassador for companies in the likes of Chipper Cash, Itel and Vip Vendor being his first ever endorsement deal.

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People are considering Daniel Regha a poor man laughing at his physical appearance which affected him emotionally according to him. He said it an interview with Faith Ajayi that he would never apologize to anyone because of his appearance because that’s was how he was created, rather he would move closer to God.

He has been noticed by different public figures in Nigeria, one of them is Burna Boy where he called him Coconut Head in an interview. The social media influencer currently has over one million active followers on X (formerly known as Twitter) and over 30,000 followers on Instagram.


  • Watching documentaries (ancient history)
  • traveling
  • Discussing
  • Swimming

Personal life

Daniel Regha didn’t mention anything about his relationship life in the interview he had with Faith Ajayi so debunk any information saying he is in a relationship with Ruth. Regha himself said he doesn’t have anything to do with girl neither has he met her before while the details of his parents or siblings remains undisclosed.


Award Category Year
Jude Lucan Awards Influencer Of The Year 2023
Social Media Awards Best Twitter Content Creator 2023


I wonder why people are calling him a poor man, he doesn’t seem to be poor looking at his networth. This controversial man gets paid on Twitter and has even bagged many ambassadorship deals with big brands which made us estimate his networth to be around $200,000.


Where is Daniel Regha from?

He hails from Anambra State (rum).

What tribe is Daniel Regha?

He is Igbo (rum).

When did Daniel Regha join Twitter (X)?

He joined Twitter (X) in early 2020.

When was Daniel Regha born?

He was born in the year 1994.

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