Asa Asika Biography: Age, Wife, Children, Family, Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend, Career, Awards, Netwoth And More

Asa Asika Biography: Asa Asika has been a very big part of Davido’s career being his talent manager. Infact, you can’t talk about Davido’s success in the entertainment industry without mentioning Asa Asika several times based on the fact that he is doing his job perfectly.

Many people have been wondering if Davido is actually working on his career alone. I have came across several questions like “Who is helping Davido in terms of his career?”, “Is Davido managing himself?”, “Who is Davido’s manager” and more to mention.

It got to a point that I myself was confused because I choose not to believe Davido got to this point without anybody’s support, I felt there must be some set of people helping him in his career. I decided to conduct a personal research and to my greatest surprise, I got to know about Asa Asika being Davido’s manager, my hunch ended up being right.

I also got to know more details about this special talent manager and would be very happy to share it with you right in this article. Are you ready? Let’s start by taking a look at his profile.

Asa Asika Profile

Name Asa Asika
Born 14th Of August, 1990
Age 33-Years-Old (as of 2023)
Place Of Birth Lagos State
State Of Origin Anambra State
Nationality Nigerian
Profession Talent Manager
Working For Davido
Ex Girlfriend Dj Cuppy (rumours)
Networth $900,000

Early Life & Education

The details about his early life and where he grew up is still confusing people till date. An online source stated that was born and brought up in the western region of Nigeria, Lagos State. The same source also stated that he was born in a family of five, 3 children including their father and mother in which is was the first born.

Following the information from the exact source also, life became hard for him after he lost his beloved mum at a tender age. Imagine how it will be when a 7 years old child doesn’t get to see his mum again because death took her away. He mourned for a while and later on accepted the whole situation.

I guess it’s time to discuss about his education since I have told you enough concerning his early life.


Asa Asika’s passion for education dropped when he heard the news about his mother’s death. After so much encouragement and advice from his friends and even his father, he had to continue with his education forgetting about what happened. He graduated in the year 2008 after attending the primary and secondary school in the table below.

Primary Education
Secondary Education White Sand School, Lekki, Lagos State


From my own opinion, coming from a family that values music was what made Asa Asika thought of venturing into the entertainment industry. He began working with big artists in the likes of BRed, Shina Rambo, Boj, Ikechukwu and even Davido being his manager.

Would you believe it if I told you both Asa Asika’s uncle and cousin are both into music? Like I said earlier, he came from a family that loves music. Don’t worry because I will be telling you more about his family later on in this article.

Working for Davido was one of the main factors that brother him into the limelight. He never wanted to miss that opportunity so he has to put in all his best in working for the afro best sensation, Davido. Till now, he is still in good terms with Davido which means he is really impressed his work.

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There was a time around January in 2024 when Davido posted something on twitter about life being boring having money all by yourself. He replied Davido telling him to share the money so they can all be bored together. Surprisingly, Davido replied calling Asa Asika someone who has money than him. Sounds funny right? This is to show they are both in good terms working together.

Personal life

This talent manager hasn’t told the media anything concerning his relationship life, we only heard rumours that he was dating Femi Otedola’s daughter, Dj Cuppy but this hasn’t been proven yet till date.

However, another rumour were flying around that he has two children, a boy and a girl while the Identity of the mother remains undisclosed. Does that mean Asa Asika is married? Tell us your opinion in the comment section below.


You can’t expect to be doing your job well without being recognized. This talent manager has been recognized both locally and internationally collecting the following awards below.

Award Category Year
The City People’s Award Music Manager Of The Year (nominated) 2017
The City People’s Award Artist Manager Of The Year (won) 2017
Maya Awards Africa Entertainment Personality (nominated) 2018
The Beatz Award Artiste Manager Of The Year (won) 2019
African Entertainment Awards USA Best African Talent/Artist Manager (nominated) 2019


Like I promised earlier, I will tell you about Asa Asika’s family and I have detailed it in the table below.

Father Anthony Ukpabi Asika
Uncle Obi Asika
Older Cousin Naeto C
Children 2 (rumours)


Who is Davido’s manager?

Asa Asika who is a talent manager.

Where is Asa Asika from?

He hails from the eastern region of Nigeria, Onitcha, Anambra State.

Is Asa Asika related to Obi Asika?

Yes, Obi Asika is Asa Asika’s uncle.

Who is Asa Asika’s father?

Anthony Ukpabi Asika.

Who is Asa Asika’s girlfriend & Wife?

He was reportedly dating Dj Cuppy but they are presently not together. We don’t know if he is married yet.

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