All You Need To Know About Bobrisky Lifestyle

All You Need To Know About Bobrisky Lifestyle – Why is it that a day can’t pass by without Nigerians discussing Bobriky? Other transgender people in Nigeria have undergone gender reassignment surgery, but Bobrisky seems to be the most controversial. Right from the day he made that decision to change his gender, he has been receiving a lot of insults from Nigerians, asking for valid reasons why he did such.

Even after all that, Bobrisky doesn’t seem to be moved by the criticism on social media. Isn’t he seeing them? I sometimes wonder how it would feel to wake up every day and see so many harsh replies and posts about myself, based on a decision I had made. I had to stop wondering because I can’t be in his shoes and I don’t see any reason why I should change my gender.

But since he has done it already and there is no going back, all we can do is to keep watching to see the result. Anyway, my main point in writing this article is to answer all questions concerning his lifestyle. On social media, I’ve noticed that many people are confused by Bob risky’s lifestyle, and they ask questions but aren’t satisfied with the answers they receive

Because of this, I decided to draft out a little time to gather all possible questions you would think of asking concerning the ”Mummy Of Lagos”. Don’t get confused, “Mummy Of Lagos” is still the same as Bobrisky, he gave himself that nickname and everyone seems to have adapted to it. Without wasting much time, let’s get to the questions and answers.

Have Bobrisky Cut His Manhood?

Yes, Bobrisky has removed his manhood for good. He made this known on his Instagram account telling everyone why he removed it. According to him, he is a very beautiful woman and doesn’t need a male organ since it’s of no use to him.

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How did Bobrisky Cut His Manhood?

He did it through a low-key surgery. According to him in an Instagram post he made in 2019, Bobrisky said he has done many underground surgeries without the consent of anyone except his doctor.

Does Bobrisky Still Have A Manhood?

No, the famous Nigerian transgender, Bobriky doesn’t have a manhood. He confirmed this in an Instagram post telling everyone he has removed it since it’s of no use to him.

Who is Bobrisky’s Husband or Boyfriend?

Bobrisky often posts photos with a man on social media, and many people believe that he is Bobrisky’s boyfriend. How can a man have a boyfriend? Sounds funny and weird right? He has shared numerous photos of them even in the bedroom and bathroom.

Is Bobrisky Married?

No, he only has a boyfriend and they are in a romantic relationship.

Is Bobrisky A Lesbian?

There was a time when Nigerian girls were eager to date Bobriky, he got irritated after finding out because his DM was flooded with unnecessary messages from girls according to him. After some time, he made a post saying he is now a woman and not a lesbian.

Who is Bobrisky’s Wife?

Bobrisky doesn’t have any wife not even before he switched his gender. Now that he has changed, there is no way he can have a wife. I mean an a transgender get married to a woman?

I think I have answered every question running in your mind concerning Bobrisky. Before I end this article, let’s take a look at some old and new photos of Bobrisky.

Bobrisky Latest Pictures

Bobrisky Old Pictures

Bobrisky Pictures Before And After Transformation


I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Did I answer all your questions? If you have more questions you can drop them in the comment section below.

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