7 Best Financial Advisors in Denver

Are you a Denver resident seeking professional financial guidance but overwhelmed by the multitude of options available? With over 800 investment advisors within 25 miles of the city, it’s no wonder you might find it challenging to narrow down your choices. But fear not, we’ve done the legwork for you to help you find the top financial advisors in Denver based on key criteria that matter most to you.

Here’s a breakdown of our methodology and the top 7 financial advisors in Denver:


  1. Assets Under Management (AUM): This indicates the total amount of assets managed by the firm, reflecting experience and stability.
  2. Total Clients and Firm Age: A large client base and firm history suggest experience and stability.
  3. Client-to-Advisor Ratio: Fewer clients per advisor typically means more personalized attention.
  4. Percentage of High Net Worth Clients: We focus on firms that handle various financial situations, not just high-net-worth clients.
  5. Fee Structure: We prioritize fee-only advisors who clearly state their fee structures and avoid conflicts of interest.
  6. Credentials and Fiduciary Duty: Firms with certified financial planners (CFPs) and fiduciary duty score higher.

Top 7 Denver Financial Advisors:

  1. GHP Investment Advisors

    • AUM: $2,368,217,940
    • Offers various fee models, including a flat fee for initial financial plans.
    • Low client-to-advisor ratio ensures personalized attention.
  2. Sharkey Howes & Javer (SHJ) Wealth Advisors
    • AUM: $824,658,255
    • Offers flat fees for financial planning and reduced AUM-tiered fees for investment management.
  3. Denver Private Wealth Management

    • AUM: $582,955,185
    • Offers flat fees for financial plans and AUM fees for portfolio management.
  4. Wambolt & Associates Wealth Management Partners

    • AUM: $548,150,508
    • Offers comprehensive financial planning with fixed fee structures.
  5. Private Capital Management

    • AUM: $1,739,578,553
    • Provides financial planning, tax and estate planning, with a low client-to-advisor ratio.
  6. Janiczek Wealth Management

    • AUM: $1,122,588,671
    • Specializes in high-net-worth investors and offers wealth management and retirement planning.
  7. G&S Capital

    • AUM: $338,004,600
    • Serves clients with investment portfolios of $500,000 or more, offering investment management and retirement plan administration.


Choosing the right financial advisor is crucial for your financial well-being. By considering factors like AUM, fee structure, and credentials, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and goals. These top 7 financial advisors in Denver offer a range of services and fee structures to cater to various financial situations.


  1. How do I know if a financial advisor is right for me?

    • Consider factors like their fee structure, services offered, and whether they are a fiduciary. Schedule consultations with a few advisors to gauge their compatibility with your needs.
  2. What questions should I ask a potential financial advisor?

    • Inquire about their experience, investment philosophy, how they charge fees, and how they communicate with clients. Don’t hesitate to ask for client references or testimonials.
  3. Are there any red flags to watch out for when choosing a financial advisor?

    • Beware of advisors who guarantee returns, push high-commission products, or have a history of disciplinary actions. Transparency and clear communication are key indicators of a reputable advisor.

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