7 Best Financial Advisors in Denver

Are you a Denver resident on the hunt for a trustworthy financial advisor? With over 800 options within a 25-mile radius, finding the right fit can feel overwhelming. But fear not! We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, combing through advisor disclosures and websites to bring you the top picks based on key criteria. Here’s what you need to know:

What Matters:

We’ve considered several factors to ensure you get the best guidance possible:

  • Assets Under Management (AUM): Indicates the firm’s experience and stability.
  • Total Clients and Firm Age: More clients and a longer history suggest expertise and reliability.
  • Client-to-Advisor Ratio: Fewer clients per advisor means more personalized attention.
  • Percentage of High Net Worth Clients: We’ve focused on firms accessible to a range of financial situations.
  • Fee Structure: Only fee-only advisors make the cut, with bonus points for transparent fee information.
  • Credentials and Fiduciary Duty: Look for Certified Financial Planners (CFP) and firms committed to putting your interests first.

Top 7 Denver Financial Advisors:

1. GHP Investment Advisors

  • AUM: $2,368,217,940
  • Specialty: Offers various fee models with clear pricing and low client-to-advisor ratio.

2. Sharkey Howes & Javer

  • AUM: $824,658,255
  • Specialty: Transparent fee structure and services tailored for business owners.

3. Denver Private Wealth Management

  • AUM: $582,955,185
  • Specialty: Niche services like charitable and estate planning with flexible fee options.

4. Wambolt & Associates Wealth Management Partners

  • AUM: $548,150,508
  • Specialty: Expertise in alternative investments and comprehensive planning.

5. Private Capital Management

  • AUM: $1,739,578,553
  • Specialty: Extensive services with a focus on individual attention despite large client base.

6. Janiczek Wealth Management

  • AUM: $1,122,588,671
  • Specialty: Tailored for high-net-worth individuals with a wide array of planning services.

7. G&S Capital

  • AUM: $338,004,600
  • Specialty: Designed for clients with sizable portfolios, offering investment and retirement planning.


Choosing a financial advisor is a crucial decision for your financial well-being. Consider factors like AUM, fee structure, and advisor credentials to find the best match for your needs. With these top picks, you’re on your way to financial peace of mind!


1: How do I know if a financial advisor is right for me?

Look for advisors who are fee-only, transparent about their fees, and hold certifications like CFP. Consider your financial goals and the services you need.

2: What should I expect during the initial consultation with a financial advisor?

The advisor will likely ask about your financial goals, current financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment preferences to tailor their recommendations.

3: Are there any red flags I should watch out for when choosing a financial advisor?

Be wary of advisors who earn commissions from product sales, lack transparency about their fees, or pressure you into decisions. Trust your instincts and do thorough research before committing

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